My contributions to this project (see under GAMES) included several written segments including section headers for the Witlander, Wyrmgarde, and Saebeard Cultures. I also designed the mechanics and the flavor text for the Arakna and the Sedyr monsters in the bestiary. All of my writing for this project is pictured below. This is my first published writing work, the book being published by Gallant Knight Games.
This sample is a work in progress. The piece is a Weird West inspired story about an Orc bounty hunter who falls in love with the daughter of a vampire he has been hired to kill. This is the beginning of a manuscript for a novel which I plan to continue working on as a personal project.
This sample of writing is a short horror story I wrote about a man who spies on his neighbor to distract himself after his father's death. I wrote this over a period of two months in the Spring of 2023.
CICADA was meant to be a student film about a slasher villain who only appears during the summer every few decades like a cicada. Chase Weber came up with the concept and I supplied the writing. Nothing came of the project except these first few pages of the screenplay.
This short piece is also horror inspired and was written and edited in one afternoon as a writing challenge. The story is about a boy who sees something disturbing during a game of tag. I wrote this in the Spring of 2021.
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